Castles in Austria

Hohenwerfen Castle
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Hohenwerfen Castle (Deutsch: Festung Hohenwerfen), also known as Erlebnisburg (literally: "Castle of Experience") is an amazing castle in Austria. The castle is located high above the Austrian town of Werfen in the Salzach valley, approximately 40 km in the south of Salzburg city. It stands at one of two majestic mountains of Berchtesgaden and Tennengebirgs, which are part of the Alps... (read more)

Kreuzenstein Castle

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Kreuzenstein Castle  (also known as Burg Kreuzenstein) is the beautiful castle of 19th century,  located north of the village of Leobendorf, east of the city of Stockerau in the province of Lower Austria in Austria...(read more)


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  2. написано, что 40 км в южную сторону от Зальцбурга...